Vision for Orlando

I am still listening today to the residents in Orlando as many of you have told me what we must improve. This is why I am focused on 5 key areas for a vibrant Orlando. 

  1. Crime Prevention and Public Safety

  2. Affordable Housing

  3. Economic Development

  4. Roads and Infrastructure

  5. An Inclusive Orlando

Crime Prevention and Public Safety


  • Add more neighborhood police substations to deter crime

  • Prevent large scale vacancies and put more officers in our communities

  • Make neighborhood policing a priority in every community not just downtown

  • Develop programs to foster better relationships between the police and our community

  • Increase and improve crosswalk striping to protect pedestrians

  • Add sidewalk signals for people with disabilities throughout our entire city

  • Keep our children safe from human trafficking

Affordable Housing


  • Make Affordable Housing a true priority

  • End a 16-year drought for Orlando being ranked worst in the country for Affordable Housing

  • Partner with developers to adequately build affordable housing

  • Create Workforce Housing for firefighters, police officers, teachers, young professionals and hospitality workers

    vital to our economy

  • Build dwellings where the property owners own both the land and the dwelling units allowing wealth to be passed to future generations

Economic Development


  • Bring Transparency and accountability to awarding city contracts

  • Partner with entrepreneurs worldwide to build a diverse economy in Orlando

  • Partner with local businesses to create training programs to prepare for higher wage jobs

  • Link partnerships with nonprofits, associations and corporations to create jobs within communities

  • Provide Youth Development Training for Smart Technology

  • Enhance Transportation in Orlando for Faster Mobility

Roads and Infrastructure


  • Use your tax dollars wisely to repair damaged roads, improve street lighting,

    and rebuild sewer lines in our communities

  • Provide traffic signals at intersections that are difficult to enter roadways

  • Install proper crosswalk stripes at intersections and design safer roads

  • Enforce driver’s yielding to pedestrians and bicyclists for more protection

  • Regularly schedule speed enforcement in neighborhoods

  • Send crews to remove trash and debris from our roads and right-of-ways


  • All Neighborhoods will receive the same improved level of city services - not just downtown

  • Opportunities extended for All Regardless of Social Status, Race, Religion, Sex, Gender

  • Transparent and accountable procedures to award Orlando city contracts

  • Fair Treatment of Orlando city contracts for all entrepreneurs and businesses wanting to invest in our economy