Hello supporters. I cannot thank you enough for logging on to my website Ings for Mayor. Your positive responses have been very well received since I announced my candidacy for Mayor of Orlando. Now, we really have to hit the ground running to win this election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. I know that we can win, we must win and we will win by working together to energize the citizens of Orlando to vote Ings for Mayor on Election Day. There is a tremendous amount work ahead before we can celebrate.  Help us to win by volunteering for the campaign.

I invite you to visit with me through my website. It will be updated frequently with more information about campaign events and what I have accomplished as Orlando District 6 Commissioner. I can’t wait to expand all that I have achieved  throughout all of Orlando.

I am truly honored and thankful for your commitment and support. If you want to stay informed about the significant achievements in the campaign and updates, fill out the form below. I want to hear from you.


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