I am honored to have received such positive endorsements from other trusted leaders, organizations and residents in our community.

Attorney Benjamin L. Crump    Ben Crump Law   Civil Rights Fighter

Attorney Benjamin L. Crump

Ben Crump Law, Civil Rights Fighter

“Sam Ings is a leader who is not scared to stand up and do what he knows is right for the people. His type of leadership is what the people need now more than ever in Orlando and in this country. Sam Ings is that statesman who understands the value of inclusion and the need to embrace all people and listen to their voices.”


Teresa Jacobs

Former Orange County Mayor

"During the 12 years I have known Commissioner Sam Ings, I have developed admiration and deep respect for his commitment and unwavering dedication to the citizens of Orlando. Commissioner Ings doesn’t just talk about public service, for 30 years he put his life on the line every day to make sure our neighborhoods and children were safe and small and large businesses - alike - could thrive. I am confident that Sam Ings can lead Orlando to a bright future, where our history will always be cherished, our trust will be honored, and our children will be proud to call Orlando home."

Pete Clarke

Former District 3 Orange County Commissioner

“I am not one to endorse a candidate without knowing why they want to serve, how they will govern and most importantly the true nature of their character. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Commissioner Ings as an elected official and as an appointed government official. I believe change is good and Commissioner Ings brings the change we need. He lays out a convincing argument to support his campaign and his background illustrates where he will focus, your safety. I enjoyed working with Commissioner Ings, Commissioner to Commissioner and will be delighted to work with Mayor Ings as we continue to support all of our residents. Please vote for Sam Ings for Mayor of Orlando.”



Gail Parker

Lt Col (Ret) United States Air Force

I enthusiastically endorse Commissioner Samuel B. Ings as the Mayor of Orlando. He is honest, reliable, transparent and willing to work the long hours needed to fulfill the duties of the office. Commissioner Ings brings to the Mayor’s office a wealth of knowledge and experience that will benefit all city operations. His successful initiatives are an example of an exemplary leader and public servant and proves he holds the best interest for Orlando in his heart.

He has proven himself as a skilled leader and is without a doubt, the best qualified person to be Orlando’s next mayor. I wholeheartedly support his campaign and will continue spreading the word on his vision regarding the five key areas of improvement for Orlando. Let’s all move forward and Vote Ings in 2019 for Orlando Mayor on Tuesday, November 5th.

Siad Lufti

"I Trust Sam. He’s humble and approachable. He’s honest and you can talk to him. He will be a great Mayor for the City of Orlando.”


IMG_5702 2.jpeg

Alejandro Pezzini


“Sam Ings has been a catalyst for the significant economic and communal growth of District 6. His leadership combined with his unwavering commitment to the community has profoundly impacted the lives of so many of the residents and members of the business community.”

Helen L.

Orlando Resident

"Sam Ings has been my City Commissioner for 13 years and has done a wonderful job. He's also been my next door neighbor for 2-1/2 years and is the best neighbor a person could want. He's the same at home or on the job. A humble, kind man.”